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Choosing a surf camp in Morocco can be a daunting task considering Africa can be seen as an exotic destination in a far away land. Also, with the many options available on the market and the high price tag that often comes with them, it may be difficult to commit to one Morocco surf camp and know you will get your money’s worth. WHY GO SURFING IN MOROCCO First things first, why should you choose Morocco for your next surf trip? The endless coastline of Morocco hides some of the best waves in the world. Taghazout Bay is world famous […]

Surf rules everyone should know

  Surf  rules everyone should know Learn these rules of surfing etiquette and you will enjoy the waves safely, with confidence, and with respect from your fellow surfer. Before we begin, Here are a few surfing terms that you should know.   “set wave” – a larger wave (the largest waves usually break in sets of 2,3, or 4) “lineup” – the area where the waves normally begin breaking.  Surfers sit on their boards in the lineup and wait for waves to break. “green wave” – an open wave allowing the surfer to surf along the face of the wave, […]

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If Marrakech is the Palm Springs of Europe, then Morocco’s Atlantic coast is the southern California for European surfers. With 1835 km of coastline stretching alongside the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to the dunes of Western Sahara, Morocco has turned into a preferred surfing destination for Europeans in the Fall and Winter when cold weather reaches the Old Continent. Which are the best surf spots in Morocco and how to choose where to go every day during your Morocco surf trip? Find a local’s perspective on the 10 best surf breaks that surround Tamraght and […]

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Located on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, Taghazout Bay is one of the best places in the world to learn how to surf. The authentic Moroccan fishing village of Tamragth has turned into a surfing hot spot and a place where many Europeans take their first surf lessons thanks to the never ending waves of all shapes and sizes that hit the coast, the warm weather year round, the chilled vibes, and the incredible hospitality of the locals. Mirage Surf School Morocco offers surf lessons and guiding for all levels — from the absolute beginner to the seasoned pro. Depending on […]


Surf culture has developed its own form of language, basically a slang, which only members of the surf community can understand, thus successfully excluding newcomers from its ranks. There are certain surf terms recognized by the wider society, then there are unique terms only members understand and of course you have the stereotypical slang for any outdoor activity like bro, dude, radical, whattup and a whole lot of similar words. The amazing thing about surf culture is how these slang words made their way from the shores of California, Hawaii and Australia to mainland big cities, miles from the coast […]

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Stand Up Paddle

What SUP bro? Stand up paddle boarding in Morocco is a good alternative to surfing on flat days or in small, mushy waves. SUP is fun and a great way to explore the Morocco coast from a different perspective either alone or with your family and friends! It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and it improves your balance and strengthens your core as you glide through the water. Learn stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in Morocco with Mirage Surf! Beginners start in flat water, paddling along a canal or in calm seas, while intermediate riders can try […]

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Surf & Yoga

During your surf and yoga holidays in Morocco we will use the entire day for yoga, meditation and surfing as well as eating nutritious homemade food and practicing mindfulness with kindred spirits, not forgetting the daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Enjoy the calm of the ocean in floating meditation while simultaneously giving your body a full workout combining surfing and yoga. Yoga complements surfing perfectly as it builds strength, flexibility and balance, benefiting both the body and the soul. We guarantee that a 7-day Surf & Yoga Camp with Mirage Surf Morocco will leave you renewed and […]

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Girls’ Surf Week

Girls just wanna have fun…and good surf! At Mirage Surf Morocco you will have even more fun than you imagined possible and you will be surfed out every day. Add yoga to your schedule, watch stunning sunsets, experience traditional hammam and massage, top it off with beautiful sunny beaches, delicious homemade food, day trips to local attractions in the company of like-minded girls … all the ingredients needed for the perfect girls’ getaway! From 550€ / week DAILY YOGA SESSION AT SUNSET IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE Girls’ Week is a 7 nights all-inclusive package but should you want to […]

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Surf Guiding

Got your surfing skills down and just want to surf awesome waves in Morocco but don’t know exactly where? Then you have come to the right place. At Mirage Surf Morocco we were born and bred in Taghazout Bay. We have surfed the Morocco coast all our lives and we know exactly where to find the perfect waves for maximum fun and progress. We’ll show you secret spots and hidden gems and we’ll monitor the weather to ensure we visit the best surf breaks depending on what waves you want to surf. And then we will take you there and […]

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Surf Coaching

Surf Lessons in Morocco For Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Are you ready for take-off? Have you been dreaming about learning how to surf in Morocco and want to catch your first wave with us? As experienced local surfers ourselves, we are passionate about the art and craft of surfing and we have dedicated our lives to passing our knowledge via surf lessons in Morocco onto new surfers. We will be equally, if not even more proud of you when you stand up and ride a wave for the first time! Based on our unique teaching methodology at our surf school […]