Surf culture has developed its own form of language, basically a slang, which only members of the surf community can understand, thus successfully excluding newcomers from its ranks. There are certain surf terms recognized by the wider society, then there are unique terms only members understand and of course you have the stereotypical slang for any outdoor activity like bro, dude, radical, whattup and a whole lot of similar words. The amazing thing about surf culture is how these slang words made their way from the shores of California, Hawaii and Australia to mainland big cities, miles from the coast […]

Surf Guiding Morocco

Surf Guiding

Got your surfing skills down and just want to surf awesome waves in Morocco but don’t know exactly where? Then you have come to the right place. At Mirage Surf Morocco we were born and bred in Taghazout Bay. We have surfed the Morocco coast all our lives and we know exactly where to find the perfect waves for maximum fun and progress. We’ll show you secret spots and hidden gems and we’ll monitor the weather to ensure we visit the best surf breaks depending on what waves you want to surf. And then we will take you there and […]